Speak up if you are suffering Bladder leakage & Find An OAB Specialist

Speak up if you are suffering Bladder leakage & Find An OAB Specialist

November is Bladder Health Awareness Month at The Bladder Boutique. Millions of people experience issues such as leaks and the sudden need to go. While bladder symptoms are common, they are not normal. What’s more, most people can achieve relief through treatment with an OAB specialist.

There are urologists and urogynecologists dedicated to helping you with your incontinence (Stress urinary Incontinence, Urinary urge incontinence and Fecal incontinence), who have often performed extra training or fellowships to offer the best therapies for incontinence patients.

4.5 out of 10 patients do not seek help for their OAB and even when they do they might end up seeing a provider not well versed in all treatment options. The best OAB providers offer many choices including physical therapy, medications, Botox bladder injections, percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation and sacral neuromodulation.  If your doctor tells you to ignore the problem, “just do Kegels” or limit fluids find a specialist who offers more! If you have only been offered medications that causes dry mouth, dry eyes, constipation and are linked to dementia find an OAB specialist! Call you closest urology office and ask if they offer advanced OAB therapies (Botox, PTNS& SNM) and arrange for a referral or consult. Use telemedicine to arrange a visit with a provider not close to your home. Don’t be one of the 5.5 out of 10 patients who seeks help and fails to see improvement in your OAB. Find the best specialist for OAB.

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