Patients prefer Axonics SNM therapy over Medtronic Interstim II

Patients prefer Axonics SNM therapy over Medtronic Interstim II

Axonics surveyed 137 patients previously implanted with the Medtronic InterStim II SNM device. These patients now implanted with the Axonics r-SNM system were asked to compare their current therapy to their prior experience. The results were reported by “Business Wire” recently.

In summary:

  • 92% treated with both systems would choose Axonics over InterStim II if they had to decide again
  • 83% would recommend Axonics over InterStim II to a friend
  • Only 5% would recommend InterStim II over Axonics
  • 78% of patients said that the recommendation of their physician was key to their decision to switch to Axonics

Key features making the Axonics system preferable included:

  • 15+ battery years with fewer repeat surgeries
  • MRI compatibility
  • Easy to use remote control

Patients reported better results with Axonics compared to Interstim II

  • 71% of patients felt the overall experience was better with Axonics
  • Only 11% preferred the non-rechargeable InterStim II
  • 53% are experiencing better symptom relief with Axonics while 38% have the same level of relief

Patients find it easy to recharge the Axonics system and use the remote control

  • 91% are not bothered by recharging their Axonics system
  • 81% felt that recharging the Axonics system is easy despite prior experience limited to a non-rechargeable implant
  • 82% rated their Axonics remote experience as “Excellent” or “Good”

Most beneficial patient remote-control features included:

  • Easier to make adjustments to simulation level
  • Easier to check the status of stimulation
  • Comfortable one-handed use
  • Smaller remote size

Per Axonics CEO Ray Cohen, these patients have a direct comparison and provide unbiased feedback. The 92% who would still choose Axonics again indicates the clear preference for an implant that is long-lived, efficacious and easy to use. Physicians greatly influence a patient’s implant choice, and providers need to clearly convey the Axonics advantages that translate to a superior patient experience compared to InterStim II.

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