NICE recommends Axonics for OAB Treatment based on evidence

NICE recommends Axonics for OAB Treatment based on evidence

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recently published guidance for the use of Axonics for OAB treatment. NICE provides evidence-based guidance to improve health and social care in the UK. The guidance report was developed over a 12-month period with independent external assessment centers, expert clinicians and patients. The recommendation is based on clinical results obtained with Axonics, a detailed cost analysis, and all relevant evidence related to sacral neuromodulation.

The evaluation concluded that the 15+ battery provided by the Axonics rechargeable implantable neurostimulator will help reduce the number of replacement procedures compared to the non-rechargeable Interstim II. The cost savings to the health system with a longer-lived device resulted in NICE recommending Axonics for treating OAB patients in the National Health System. Reducing costly replacement surgeries helps patients and healthcare systems.

Axonics remains the only rechargeable SNM system with published clinical data on efficacy, satisfaction, improvement in QoL, charging experience, and safety. Roughly 800 patients receive an SNM implant annually in England. The NICE evaluation helps evaluate choices in SNM therapy which need to be safe, effective and save costs for healthcare systems. The current options for rechargeable SNM are shown above with the Axonics system and below with the Medtronic Micro system.

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